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Summit Inn

The Summit Inn is a timeless refuge along Route 66, located in Hesperia, California, in the midst of a breathtaking desert landscape. Since almost a century ago, this famous diner has been a favorite stopping point for both tourists and residents due to its lengthy history and charming rustic decor. We’ll explore the intriguing history of Summit Inn in this piece, from its modest beginnings to its long status as a must-see location on the Mother Road.

A trip through time

Sam Wilhite founded the Summit Inn in 1928, which is when we can start learning about its history. When it first began, Route 66, which would eventually link Chicago, Illinois, and Santa Monica, California, was still a relatively young and unpaved road. The Summit Inn quickly established itself as a pleasant haven for tired tourists traveling the difficult Mojave Desert landscape.

A Haven for Foodies

The Summit Inn’s classic American diner fare is one of its persistent draws. The menu at Summit Inn delivers a sense of mid-20th century America with hearty burgers, crunchy fries, and delectable milkshakes. The culinary perfection of the establishment has not changed throughout the years, and each dish is served with a side of nostalgia and history.

A Glimmer of Fame

The Summit Inn has welcomed a variety of guests over the years, including some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. The diner’s booths have been graced by stars like Clint Eastwood, James Dean, and Elvis Presley. They enhanced the appeal of this special place, making it a destination where both the famous and common travelers could get a taste of Americana.

Keeping the Elements at Bay

There have been a number of hardships experienced by The Summit Inn, such as fires, earthquakes, and ownership changes. The Blue Cut Fire, a wildfire that overtook the region in 2016 and mostly destroyed the Summit Inn, was one of the most tragic incidents in the restaurant’s history. The essence of the Summit Inn was unaffected by this setback.

Rising Like a Phoenix from the Ashes

The Summit Inn’s future was uncertain following the horrific fire. But the neighborhood and its devoted customers came together to aid in the reconstruction. The remodeled Summit Inn, which debuted in 2017, is proof of how tough this iconic building is. Although the Summit Inn’s physical structure may have changed, its spirit has not.

An Area for Memorial

The Summit Inn still pays homage to its lengthy past today. The restaurant’s walls are covered with pictures, newspaper clippings, and artifacts that depict its history. To connect with the spirit of those who came before, guests can sit in the same booths that formerly hosted Hollywood legends and other tourists.

An Unmissable Location

The Summit Inn is a must-stop for anybody touring the Mojave Desert or driving down Route 66. Entering this old-school diner is like traveling back in time. The pleasant and nostalgic environment is created by the wooden beams, vintage furnishings, and helpful employees. You’ll be surrounded by the allure of a bygone age whether you stop in for a dinner or just a cup of coffee.

A Piece of American History is Being Preserved

The Summit Inn is a piece of living history in addition to being a restaurant. It evokes a time when traveling was a way of life and the journey was just as essential as the final destination. Its continued existence throughout the years is evidence of the resilient nature of Route 66 itself, a road that continues to enthrall adventurers and history buffs alike.


In addition to being a restaurant, The Summit Inn in Hesperia, California, is a preserved piece of American history and a steadfast representation of the spirit of the open road. Its tale of survival, from its modest origins to its ascent from the ashes, is a reflection of Route 66’s own tenacity. So, whether you enjoy visiting traditional American eateries, are interested in history, or are just looking for a unique vacation experience, the Summit Inn is a place you should not miss. Everyone who enters is invited to take part in the rich tapestry of American nostalgia since it is a location where the past and present collide.

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