An endodontist is a dental professional who focuses on the care and treatment of the dental pulp. This is the soft material at the center of the tooth that contains the nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues. The goal of an endodontist is to save a tooth from being extracted as a result of infection or injury.

If you hear someone mention a root canal, you may cringe at the thought of pain.  When we hear root canal, our thoughts focus on saving a tooth.  Root canals make up a considerable part of our regular treatments.  Our team takes pride in offering painless treatments, and we feature some of the most advanced and innovative dental technologies in Hesperia, Victorville, and surrounding communities.

Common Reasons Why A Root Canal Is Necessary

Whenever we recommend a root canal treatment, the purpose is to save as much of the natural tooth as possible.  Teeth that are damaged by decay or blunt trauma are some of the main recipients of root canals. Root canals relieve patients of pain and discomfort by removing infected substances inside of the tooth.  It is the infection and tooth damage that is causing pain to the nerve located within the root of the tooth.

Our Endodontic Technologies

Did you know that the right tools and equipment can significantly impact your dental procedures? Of course, the experience of the dental professional affects the outcome of your treatment as well. Want a walkthrough of your procedure?  No problem. When you arrive, we will show you exactly how and why the tools we use will make your root canal a simple process.

Computerized Digital Radiography

We have advanced x-ray equipment that doesn’t need film. Digital tech reduces the patient exposure to radiation while also protecting our dental staff from film chemicals. Digital x-ray files are perfect for electronic medical records since they can be forwarded to doctors when necessary.

Electronic Apex Locators

Tooth length can vary significantly. We have electronic apex locators that will enable us to find your tooth’s exact length. Locators reduce the need for x-rays—saving our time and you, our patient, money.

Sonic and Ultrasonic Equipment

Cleaning, the canals at the base of teeth, is essential during a root canal procedure.  We have instruments that use sonic and ultrasonic energy to kill bacteria and microorganisms thoroughly and meticulously.

Surgical Operating Microscope

Using increased magnification and illumination; we can better visualize and treat the hard to reach sections of a root canal system.  This tool helps us to produce better results that reduce follow-up procedures.

Root Canal Treatments

After we have conducted your first dental exam, we will start the root canal process by preparing your mouth, particularly the area of the treatment.  We use anesthesia to numb the site to ensure you have a pain-free procedure. A tiny hole is made at the tooth’s top so we can easily access the canal underneath.

This opening gives us access to the infection or dead material inside the tooth. However, getting the infection out isn’t enough.  Preventing future infections is the primary goal. To achieve this, we use proven dental strategies that completely sterilize the tooth’s canal. The pulp and the canal that were removed are replaced using a biocompatible agent that aids with tooth strengthening. Lastly, we place a crown on top of the tooth to close the channel.

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