Dental Crowns

Nearly every day new patients visit our Hesperia and Victorville offices in need of dental crowns.  Our team performs hundreds of crown treatments weekly as part of our General Dentistry services. Are you currently dealing with a damaged tooth?  If so, it may cause you pain, disrupt how you eat, negatively impact your smile, or result in a combination of these issues. Seeking professional dental assistance as soon as possible is your best option.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Crowns are typically used as a restorative dental option to save damaged teeth from being lost completely.  These treatments enable us to protect the tooth from further damage by placing a crown (or dental cap) over the remaining part of the healthy tooth.  This strategy allows you to use the tooth normally. Desert Dental Group (DDG) finds that the two vital components of a successful crown procedure are:

  • Functionality of the crown post-procedure
  • Appearance of the crown according to patient desire

Our Approach to Dental Crowns

Placing a crown incorrectly will lead to patient discomfort and possible crown failure.  Consequently, our team takes several measures to get the right fitting. If you are having a crown, we take time to properly evaluate:

  • The crown’s interaction with adjacent teeth
  • Crown shape and how well it fits the tooth it is protecting
  • How your bite feels post-treatment

Factors Influencing Dental Crown Cost

The cost of a dental crown is directly affected by the materials used for the crown.  Gold, metal alloys, porcelain, and resin are the most common substances utilized to construct a crown.  We offer several types of crowns to give patients who are seeking more affordable options ways to address their dental needs.

There are other indirect factors that may raise the cost of a dental crown treatment.  Things such as:

  • Exams and x-rays which are required before getting a crown (usually these are fully or partially covered by insurance)
  • Additional procedures necessary to the success of the crown (root canals, tooth build-ups, etc.)

The team at Desert Dental Group work hard to help every patient undergoing crown treatments to have the best experience possible.

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