Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is dentistry aimed at creating a positive change in your teeth and enhancing your smile. Smile enhancement can have dramatic results on your overall appearance; even the smallest step can boost your confidence, self-esteem, give a more youthful appearance and make you want to smile more. With modern advances in dentistry, cosmetic procedures can range from a basic color correction to replacing missing teeth, and everything in between.


Dental veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are custom made to fit over teeth, providing a natural, attractive look. Veneers are used to fix chipped, stained, misaligned, worn down, uneven teeth and gaps. Veneers are fabricated by a dental technician and bonded to the patient’s teeth in a dentist’s office.

Advantages Of Veneers:

  • Requires only a few visits to the office
  • Material is biodegradable
  • A natural appearance that blends seamlessly with the smile
  • Preservation of the tooth
  • No alteration of tooth necessary in most cases
  • Improves cosmetic issues such as stains or cracks
  • Long-lasting, durable

How Do Veneers Resemble Natural Teeth?

Natural teeth are distinguished by the shine of their translucent enamel. The porcelain veneer gives off a similar shine and luster, brightening the smile for a stunning yet organic aesthetic.

How Long Will Veneers Last?

Because veneers can withstand chipping, staining and daily wear and tear, they have the potential to last the rest of your life, provided you care for your veneers carefully. It’s important to practice daily dental hygiene such as flossing and brushing, and to attend regular dental check ups every six months or so.

In the same way that bad habits such as biting your nails can hurt your teeth, chewing on improper surfaces can cause damage to your veneers. In general, the veneers will react to circumstances just like regular teeth, so you will need to protect them accordingly.

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening lightens teeth and helps to remove stains and discoloration. Whitening is among the most popular cosmetic dental procedures because it can greatly improve how your teeth look. Teeth whitening is a simple process. Whitening products contain one of two tooth bleaches (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide). These bleaches break stains into smaller pieces, which makes the color less concentrated and your teeth brighter. Whitening is not a one-time procedure. It will need to be repeated from time to time if you want to maintain the brighter color.

Discuss with your general dentist if you are a candidate for in-office whitening.

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