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Our Children Dental Center focuses on helping young ones to maintain beautiful smiles throughout their life. For that to occur, they must be able to trust the dentist and expect a non-traumatic experience. Consequently, our staff takes time to make each child’s dental experience educational, fun and relaxing. We enjoy teaching children why a healthy smile is important and how they can keep the “Sugar Bugs” out!

Dental fear and anxiety (DFA) is real, and it poses threats to children’s oral health.[1] At Desert Dental Group we train our providers and staff to build friendly and social atmospheres where your child is encouraged to understand their dental procedures. We also avoid terminology that fosters fear and pain like ‘drill’, ‘injection’, and ‘needle’. Since dental phobias can begin in childhood and become deep-seated in adulthood, it is essential for children to have positive dental interactions. Desert Dental Group is conscientious about making that happen.

Children face a variety of specific dental challenges. To meet these challenges, we offer the following services:

Dental Crowns

 It may seem impractical to crown a tooth that will eventually be replaced with a permanent tooth.  However, primary teeth play a vital role in the eruption and function of their permanent teeth. Dental crowns protect damaged teeth until permanent teeth are ready to fulfill their role.

Early Infant Care

Infants should have a dental visit before they reach age 1. During these initial checkups, we verify how teeth will erupt and if they will do so correctly. Your infant’s bite and tooth alignment can be affected by sucking on fingers and other objects.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is most effective on the teeth via topical application. Both the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommend the use of fluoride to reduce child cavities[ii].  We gently apply doses of fluoride that are safe for children.


Sometimes our dentists find that their child patients will greatly benefit from the removal of a frenum.  Such benefits include the reduction of oral discomfort, better bite function, improved speech clarity, and prevention of front tooth gaping.  The process is quick and simple.

Kid Pit & Fissure Sealants

Pits (depressions in a tooth) and fissures (natural grooves on tooth surfaces) are problem areas for kids’ teeth.  To minimize bacteria growth in these areas which lead to cavities, we can apply sealants that cover these sections.


Commonly known as a baby tooth root canal, pulpotomies remove diseased pulp chambers of primary teeth. Since primary or ‘baby teeth’ are weaker and have nerves closer to the surface of the tooth children are especially susceptible to cavity pain.

Space Maintainers

When kids lose primary teeth due to decay, it is possible for adjacent teeth to migrate. This could lead to premature damage or misalignment of adult teeth as they erupt.  Space maintainers prevent these problems from occurring. As the name implies, they keep gaps open for primary teeth to fill in over time.

Role of Our Children’s Dentists?

Each of our children’s dentists is handpicked because we place a high emphasis on child oral health and hygiene.  How a child feels about their smile as they grow into adults can have an effect on their confidence. Additionally, clear speech and good chewing habits are building blocks for kids as they grow up.  Our dentists understand that the interactions they have with each of their patients play a vital role in how they approach caring for their oral health.

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